Astrologically, no two people are the same. Even men born on the same day at the same time will have different destinies if their birth coordinates (longitude and latitude) are different.

That’s why we at myjyothishi believe, everyone has a unique horoscope, unique bank of karma and a unique set of problems. These problems can be sorted out if you have the right astrologer giving you the right kind of guidance at the right time. And this is possible only if you have your own trustworthy, personal astrologer.

That’s precisely the thinking behind myjyothishi. We honestly feel everyone of us could have a better future if we had a real-time astrological advisor for our lives. And that’s the logic for the existence of this site. Through this portal, we'll be offering you the expert counsel of astrologers trained in Varahamihira Hora Shastra and Prashna Shastra.

The astrologer assigned to you will answer your queries (on subjects ranging from horoscope matching to the timing of a business decision) round the clock. For more clarity on how exactly we can help you, kindly study the services we offer.