Jyotisham: Jyotisham is the Sanskrit name for Indian astrology and astronomy, which literally means the "Lords of Light" and by extension, "the study of light"-both light from the sky and from one's inner "sight". Jyothisham is an interpretation of the Horoscope or Birth Chart based on the cycles of planets. By analysing these cycles of the past and present makes it possible to interpret the future of a person.

Hora Shastra: The word HORA means a unit of time equivalent to an HOUR. And the word SHASTRA means SCIENCE. Thus HORA SHASTRA is translated as THE SCIENTIFIC STUDY OF THE QUALITY OF TIME. Hora shastra has a very wide scope and includes every branch of study that tries to identify the quality of time to predict the happenings of the future.

Prashna Shastra: Prashna Shastra is a part of the Hora Skandha and related to the ‘Phala Vibhag’ (Prediction Side). There are many types of Prashnas including the Ashtamangalya Prashna, Swarna Prashna and Thamboola Prashna. The predictions in Prashna depend on the 'Arooda'. This shastra is vast and is effective in identifying obstacles in day-to-day life and solving them.

Muhurtha: Muhurtha is the most auspicious time for commencement of an activity. And it can be calculated by studying the horoscope of the person who has to kick start the activity. myjyothishi offers calculation of Muhurtha period for: a) Naming Ceremony b) Upanayanam c) Griha Pravesh d) Marriage e) Purchase of an Asset

f) Employment g) Starting of Business h) Travel i) Filing a case j) Job Interview k) Surgery